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Great idea, I really hope we’ll have this type of attraction in Oxford. I’ve enjoyed a balloon ride in Berlin and I’m sure Oxford will be even more amazing! Can’t wait to do it!

Eli Markovska

I was at the launch and feel that this would be a great asset building, as it does, on Oxford heritage and offering a unique view of the city.

Dennis Allen, Business Development Mentor and Chair of Wake up to Woodstock

This sounds like an exciting and really interesting project that has the opportunity to teach tomorrow’s engineers that flight is not only possible in highly polluting aircraft. By introducing this idea at an early age it would seem to me you have a better chance of encouraging innovation and surly this is what Oxford is all about. As the former Chief Officer for a large youth organisation that has a national activity centre on the outskirts of the city I am sure this type of experience would definitely attract more visitors and given the educational benefits would fit nicely into the program they follow. Good luck with the project I look forward to visiting soon.

Simon Brownsil, Former youth organisation lead staff member

I am delighted to see this initiative, not only to provide a superb tourist attraction for Oxford, but also to promote awareness of James Sadler and his outstanding pioneer projects and balloon adventures.

Group Captain David C Bernard MBE MBA PhD FRAeS FCILT FCMI

James Sadler has been a hero of mine for some time and I have had a picture of his Oxford ascent on my wall since the mid 70’s. His amazing career from that of a pastry chef to an acclaimed scientist is nothing less than remarkable and it is high time that his achievements were remembered. To have a tethered aerostat dedicated to his name in Oxford would be the perfect recognition and something which he richly deserves.


A magnificent concept. As an attraction for both locals and visitors, it is far more interesting than any existing offering. For children (or any of us for that matter), I can’t think of a better way to learn about science, history, geography, the excitement of progress & entrepreneurialism and of course the promotion of Oxford and the entire county of Oxfordshire as the perfect location in which to live, work and invest. I very much hope that this project goes ahead. A unique and intelligent proposal.

J Hodgson

This is the best thing Oxford has seen in ages. The combination of history and attraction is perfect . Want to be one of the first to experience what I think will be an amazing attraction and Interactive museum.

Elaine Colleton, Local resident of Oxfordshire

The best way to educate anyone, is with a fun & interactive experience. This is a fabulous idea that will definitely “take off”! Can’t wait to do it.

Sandy Dann

We’re proud of Tim Henman, Winston Churchill and Stephen Hawking etc, all born in Oxfordshire – so let’s celebrate James Sadler and his ballooning achievements. This will be a great attraction for tourists and an education for children and adults.

Diane Hurdley

Think it’s a great idea, I half never heard of James Sadler but thanks to your efforts I am very interested and think it would be a great attraction for Oxford.

Terry Aldridge

What a fantastic idea! A great original experience with historical significance. Can’t wait to go!

Trish Ives

This would be a unique and fantastic attraction. Endless possibilities for school children – especially if it included an interactive science element. Where else can you get a birds eye view of Oxford for real. First hand experiential learning opportunities for all. Let’s do it!

Cathy Bergel

I think this is an amazing idea to promote a long lost hero of our city. Oxford needs a fresh attraction for tourists and our local history should be promoted.

Nickie Rogan

I totally support this project. It would enhance the tourism experience of Oxford, very necessary in this the modern age of drone technology and expectational travellers. The proliferation of images of this experience through FB ans Instagram would boost the iconic inages of Oxford globally…promoting the destination at no cost to hhe council or Tourism Board. Excellent proposal!

Sophie Digby

What a great idea, would be great to see Oxford from above and so appropriate given the history of James Sadler

Scott Fawcett

This would be a fantastic way to bring in tourism. I would make the trip over for a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque country side, great Idea ! I truly hope you get this one off the ground….cheers !

Michael Sheridan

This looks like an exciting venture and I take the opportunity to wish you every success in pulling together all of the necessary legal requirements and consents. It is interesting to see this wearing my Experience Oxford Hat

John Hoy