The Proposal

  • To restore the reputation of James Sadler, a local innovator who became an international celebrity and hero of science
  • To introduce a world class interactive educational centre
  • To enable locals and visitors to enjoy a unique view of the city’s beautiful architecture, Dreaming Spires and landscape
  • To bring a replica tethered balloon to the City of Oxford
Aside from the balloon and the education centre, the James Sadler Balloon Experience will offer the following opportunities and benefits:
  • Boost to local employment
  • Attracting visitors to the area
  • A sustainable green project, with extremely low emissions and virtually no noise
  • Full disabled access
  • Benefits of education centre, equipped to take a full class size (30) in balloon gondola
  • Additional income and associated economic benefits to the City

Additional Amenities

  • Customer shop/café, Waste management, Area security: CCTV, Welfare facilities

Approval and Certification

Founded by legendary aeronautical engineer, Per Lindstrand, the Lindstrand factory has been based at the same site in Oswestry for over 30 years. The company produces some of the most advanced lighter-than-air vehicles and inflatable structures globally. There are presently forty Hiflyers in operation in eighteen countries.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd. is certified by the pan-European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the British CAA as a Design, Production and Maintenance Organization under Part 21.


Redundancy and Safety

  • The Lindstrand HiFlyer is fully type certified as an aircraft by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Every component of the HiFlyer system is manufactured through the factory based in Oswestry, UK.
  • This involves a team of expert engineers who build, inspect and approve the HiFlyer under EASA/ CAA authorisation for Design (EASA.21J.176), Production (UK.21G.2089) and Maintenance (Part M – UK.MF.0061 and UK.MG.0468). Also Under Survey
  • There are presently fifty Hiflyers in operation in eighteen countries.
  • PLC disabled: key switch recovery
  • Main motor disabled: auxiliary motor recovery
  • Main power lost: generator recovery
  • In an emergency the HiFlyer can be recovered by:
    Ground station, Venting helium, Hand crank: handle fitted to the auxiliary motor, Pulley system, Generator back-up system fitted as standard, Auxiliary motor back-up system